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Pawsitive New Year's Resolutions For You & Your Pooch

Pawsitive New Year's Resolutions For You & Your Pooch

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time for setting goals + starting fresh.

And with so many of us pet owners out there, shouldn’t we be including our furry friends among our top priorities for the new year?

Just as our pets improve our physical and mental health, there are many ways we can improve their lives in return. And the New Year is a great time to get started.

Read on for pet-positive New Year's resolution ideas from our family to yours:

  1. Feed them quality foods. The first three ingredients in your dog's food are crucial since they contain the highest content. Our favorite brands are Wellness, Blue Buffalo, and Taste of The Wild.
  2. Update their tags. Over the course of a year, a lot can change — people move, get new phone numbers, and forget to update their pet’s tags. Often they only remember once the pet is lost. It’s the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way safely home.
  3. Go somewhere new. #OptOutside Pets can get bored with the same old routine. 2018 is the best time to incorporate a new exercise routine. From hiking to kayaking to camping, it’s a great way to bond, get you both out of the house, and both owner and pet will reap the rewards of a healthy physical activity. 
  4. Brush it off. Remove excess fur from the coat, reducing the amount you find on your clothes and furniture. It helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat shiny and healthy. 
  5. Practice good oral hygiene. Water additives, bones, and treats designed to reduce tartar can also be a helpful tool for keeping teeth clean.
  6. Teach a new trick. Keeping your pet's brain active can make them healthier! Puzzle toys, which force a pet to think through a task in order to be rewarded with a treat, are also an excellent way to keep a pet’s mind engaged.
  7. Out with the old, in with the new. Stop holding on to old, beat-up, and often germ-infested pet toys. New Year’s is the perfect time to toss those yucky toys into the trash, and to give your pet something fun and new to play with.
  8. Style them up. Because they deserve to look sporty, trendy, and/or patriotic.

Our animal friends deserve the absolute best. Which of these resolutions will you be making for the sake of your pet? Let us know in the comments below.

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