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The Best Tiger King Related Pet Products

The Best Tiger King Related Pet Products

Hey, all you cool cats & kittens! 

Who HASN'T binge-watched the new Netflix series, Tiger King?! If you haven't, get out from under that rock and go watch it so you can understand the plethora of memes coming out about it! 

We couldn't help but compile a list of our favorite Tiger King related pet products on the market. Pretty crazy how insane the world has gone over Carole Baskin and her missing husband...along with hashtags like #FreeJoe spreading like wildfire. 

Anywho, enjoy!

1. First on the list, this custom Cheetah Print Bandana from Wag Swag Co. Made for those who are "outspoken, good looking, love to party, and have fun." -Joe Exotic

Wag Swag Co Cheetah Print Bandana
2. Next up is this plush PupRug™ Zebra Faux Print Memory Foam Bed that doubles as an attractive area rug. I mean, if that won't Make America Exotic Again, we don't know what will!
PupRug™ Animal Print Memory Foam Dog Bed - Zebra Faux Print
3. Strut your stuff, Carole Baskin! We can always count on Etsy to come out with cool, trendy sh-t. This Pet Flower Crown from Nash and Willow is the bee's knees.
Dog flower crown Puppy Flower Crown Dog flower headband Dog Accessories Dog Wedding Flower Crown
4. We're not done blowing sh-t up today. You didn't think we'd NOT jump on the bandwagon, did you?! We're so proud of our Tiger King '20 Collection, no sardine oil. Are we rappers yet?
Love Light & Paws Tiger King Dog Shirt Pet Tee

5. You're never going to financially recover from these animal print collars, leashes, and harnesses by Mirage Pet Products. They've got studs, crystals, embellishments, all that kinky sh-t!Mirage Pet Products Animal Print Collar, Leash, harness


6. Day 3 of watchin' Tiger King: F-ck you, Carole Baskin! It's consumed your life and now, your home, with this Tiger King Scented Candle from I Heart Pop Candles.

Joe Exotic Tiger King Gift I Saw The Tiger Scented Candle


7. Okay, so, you saw the tiger and the tiger saw you. But have you seen this Leopard Print Fleece Dog Jacket from Gold Paw? I meaaan, how can you say no to dressing your baby tiger up in that?!

Gold Paw Fleece Dog Jacket - Leopard

8. What in the Joe Exotic is going on with this Muscle Plush Squeaking Tiger Dog Toy by Frisco?! Whatever it is, don't do meth, kids.

Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Tiger Dog Toy

9. Carole Baskin fed her husband to the tigers. What? We know nothing. Maybe your dogs can re-enact the scene with these Raw Frozen Beef Marrow Bones from Bones & Co.

Bones & Co 2in Raw Beef Marrow Bones, 6-pk

10. Last but not least, these Welcome Mats are made for everyone...except that b-tch Carole Baskin! 

Welcome To Everyone Except For That Bitch Carole Baskins Tiger King Flocked Coir Doormat

Let us know which of these were your favorite! Don't forget to head over to our Instagram and enter our Tiger King '20 Collection giveaway:

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