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10 Pawsome Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

10 Pawsome Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog

'Tis the Season of Giving!

The holidays are approaching and we hope you haven't forgotten about your loyal pooch. Since dogs can't speak, we've compiled a list of the top ten gifts every dog loves and approves, according to all the Verified Purchase Doggos.
  1. 9" Braided Bully Stick (8 Pieces In A Stick)!
    Because what dog doesn't love bully sticks?!
  2. 4" Premium Naturally Shed Elk Antlers
    The perfect doggy gift for small to large doggos.
  3. Washable, Durable, Stylish Pet House Tent
    Let's be honest. This is a gift for both you and puppers.
  4. Chuck It Paraflight Frisbee for Land And Water
    Perfect for games of fetch out in the yard or by the water.

  5. Wellness Grain Free Soft Puppy Bites (Lamb & Salmon)
    All the pups love the puppy bites.
  6. Squeaky Plush Chocolate Donut
    Every dog should have one because they look stinkin' cute with them!
  7. Interactive Treat-Dispensing Toy Ball 
    "I can be smart and have fun at the same time?!" - Verified Purchase Doggo

  8. Premium Performance Mesh Dog Jersey
    It's fly, stylish, sporty, trendy. Everything a dog deserves to be.
  9. Natural Chewable Brushless Toothpaste Treats
    The dogs at the dog park will take notice and appreciate your minty-freshness.
  10. 6 Pack Gift Set Cotton Rope Toys with Rubber Treat Ball
    "Not one, not two, but six toys?! Oh boy, my tail can't contain itself!"

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